Saturday, February 1, 2014

Exams are Over

Finally, exams are over and we can have a relaxed time. Right? No. Wrong. We have to find our internships. Specially the final year students who will have to undergo a 4-6 months internship as mentioned in the syllabus for 8th sem. Earlier, I thought that this scheme is good for students. they will get company exposure. But as time passed and I myself landed in this situation where being selected in a company even for free internship seems difficult. Our colleges don't provide much assistance in placed in good companies nor they bring companies in college so that we get placed through college placement. Market is not friendly for freshers at this time. Everybody is tensed about their internship. Many of the students have already decided to go for some sort of training or such things while some must have planned a shortcut way and might be thinking to create a fake certificate in later months. And others who are placed in a company are obviously selected through some jack or approach.

This is really frustrating issue. Even when we are done with our syllabus and our degree is almost completed, we don't have any job in hand. I feel that this scheme in which we are asked to do a 6 months training is a poor response thing and must be changed soon. If the authorities feel that this should remain same, then at least they should provide some sort of assistance to students or help them to start their career as professionals.

I hope someone soon finds a solution to this.