Sunday, March 15, 2015

I will be Back Soon

I know it's long time since I posted something new here. Daily routine life makes it difficult to maintain a blog though I don't want to miss a day writing here but due to lack in time, internet and some other facilities it was somehow not possible to keep updating this blog. But now, again with full on energy and passion, I am back on this blog to give you direct links of results and updates so that you don't feel any difficulty in searching for the important information all over the internet and hence wasting your time.

A good news for the followers. Now you can check out the contents of this blog directly on my official website => . I am going to update posts on this website soon. Please keep visiting this website for more updates.

Monday, May 5, 2014

B.Tech Results Out

Finally the wait is Over and the MDU declared result of B.Tech Students on their official site. The server is not so heavy this time and you may check your result as soon as possible before it goes down.
The older link to see your result is=>
and the new link to see your result is =>

I hope this result brings good news to all of you. Good Luck.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Is Result Out??

Despite the fact, that MDU created its new site, but the new site as well as the older one are down from today morning. Is that an indication that they are uploading their results on the site? does it mean that the results will be declared soon on their site? Since students are in majority in MDU and obviously are in huge number, and the site is down for a long time, does it mean that MDU is uploading the results of B.Tech students? Well, so many rumors are spread amongst the students as well as the Social networking sites. Some people even created fake results file and spreading it in their circle as a prank.
Well, whatever be the reason for site not opening, it is creating a sense of horror in the minds of many students. Nobody knows the reason why the site is down infact they created a new site for students to log in and check their results but still no MDU official site is working. 
Just hope that this result brings a good news to everyone.
Lastly, I would again like to warn you all that don't fall in trap of some pranksters and check your result only on the official site for confirmation.
You may follow my blog to be updated regarding the news of the result. And dont forget to check your result on the official result site of MDU for your result to verify once the site is online again.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

New MDU Result Site

Server busy. This used to be our answer when the result was declared. A lot of visitors strike at a lightening fast speed and due to that server used to crash down and no one was able to see their results. So to overcome this problem, MDU came with a solution. It started a new site on which students may check their results and left the old site with older results Now, the pros of this is that is some students are searching their old results then they will use the older site and new results can be found on the new site by MDU.

If you have to see your older result i.e. before 1st may, you may check your result on the older site i.e or

If you have to check your result declared after 1st may then you may go directly to the new siteof MDU i.e

This is a good move by the authorities to improve the problem of heavy traffic on a single site.