Monday, May 5, 2014

B.Tech Results Out

Finally the wait is Over and the MDU declared result of B.Tech Students on their official site. The server is not so heavy this time and you may check your result as soon as possible before it goes down.
The older link to see your result is=>
and the new link to see your result is =>

I hope this result brings good news to all of you. Good Luck.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Is Result Out??

Despite the fact, that MDU created its new site, but the new site as well as the older one are down from today morning. Is that an indication that they are uploading their results on the site? does it mean that the results will be declared soon on their site? Since students are in majority in MDU and obviously are in huge number, and the site is down for a long time, does it mean that MDU is uploading the results of B.Tech students? Well, so many rumors are spread amongst the students as well as the Social networking sites. Some people even created fake results file and spreading it in their circle as a prank.
Well, whatever be the reason for site not opening, it is creating a sense of horror in the minds of many students. Nobody knows the reason why the site is down infact they created a new site for students to log in and check their results but still no MDU official site is working. 
Just hope that this result brings a good news to everyone.
Lastly, I would again like to warn you all that don't fall in trap of some pranksters and check your result only on the official site for confirmation.
You may follow my blog to be updated regarding the news of the result. And dont forget to check your result on the official result site of MDU for your result to verify once the site is online again.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

New MDU Result Site

Server busy. This used to be our answer when the result was declared. A lot of visitors strike at a lightening fast speed and due to that server used to crash down and no one was able to see their results. So to overcome this problem, MDU came with a solution. It started a new site on which students may check their results and left the old site with older results Now, the pros of this is that is some students are searching their old results then they will use the older site and new results can be found on the new site by MDU.

If you have to see your older result i.e. before 1st may, you may check your result on the older site i.e or

If you have to check your result declared after 1st may then you may go directly to the new siteof MDU i.e

This is a good move by the authorities to improve the problem of heavy traffic on a single site.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tension of Result

Exams were over 3 months back and its time for result. Everybody is in tension that what will this result bring for them. Most of the students of final semesters are busy in their internships. They must be trying for jobs somewhere. Most of the companies require completed students. While some of the companies may even place final year students though the joining is given after the final result only. This result will change lives of many students. Every year the result is declared after 3 months of exam. Though MDU was strictly advised to declare results early this time but the situation is still the same. There is no news about the declaration of the result and students may have to wait even for 1 month.
This time is seriously so full of mixed feelings like nervousness and anxiety. Students must control their emotions and keep calm.
No other option just wait for the result declared by MDU on their original site.  

We will provide you a direct link soon, if the original MDU Site is down you may check your result on our provided mirror site.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Engineer. People used to feel proud while saying this word. But the time is changed and along with it the value for this degree also. used to be a passion or prestige in earlier times while nowadays it is a kind of minimum eligibility. For a student, after getting admission in a good college or a college of his choice, the tension is not over. As the time passes and the semesters end, his tension increases day by day. The No. 1 ranking in this tension race is the issue of "Placements".
Engineers are so full in the market that no company is hiring freshers of B.Tech. What to do in such competition world. Tension is the first thing that comes in mind while thinking about placements.
I wish our college would have some sources or atleast brought some good handful of companies for our campus placement or it will be a torture to many student who won't get jobs even after completing their B.Tech and spending so much money in their degree.

If you have any Placement guidance or contacts to companies regarding placements, do comment below or inbox the author of this article through the "contact us" page.

Friday, March 7, 2014

New Site

Handling a blog is not an easy task. It needs to be updated regularly and to manage different blogs is becoming difficult. So I have decided to end up all these blogs and soon start a new Website containing every information that you need. I assure you that you won't be disappointed once the site is launched.

The new site will be much better than this blog with more user friendly interface so that it becomes easy for you top search anything and understand it in a better way.

I hope that the good news will be flashed here soon. Till than, you can keep checking this blog for updates on Android, IP results, MDU results and much more..

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Exams are Over

Finally, exams are over and we can have a relaxed time. Right? No. Wrong. We have to find our internships. Specially the final year students who will have to undergo a 4-6 months internship as mentioned in the syllabus for 8th sem. Earlier, I thought that this scheme is good for students. they will get company exposure. But as time passed and I myself landed in this situation where being selected in a company even for free internship seems difficult. Our colleges don't provide much assistance in placed in good companies nor they bring companies in college so that we get placed through college placement. Market is not friendly for freshers at this time. Everybody is tensed about their internship. Many of the students have already decided to go for some sort of training or such things while some must have planned a shortcut way and might be thinking to create a fake certificate in later months. And others who are placed in a company are obviously selected through some jack or approach.

This is really frustrating issue. Even when we are done with our syllabus and our degree is almost completed, we don't have any job in hand. I feel that this scheme in which we are asked to do a 6 months training is a poor response thing and must be changed soon. If the authorities feel that this should remain same, then at least they should provide some sort of assistance to students or help them to start their career as professionals.

I hope someone soon finds a solution to this.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

IP (IndraPrastha University) Results

I have been requested by many people to post IP University Results link here so that this blog can be a complete blog to find any result link directly. I am very much agree with your opinion and m planning to work upon it. You all will soon be able to check your IP results from this blog.
Thanks for your suggestions and love you are showing for me and my blog. Hope I will update this blog more often so you don't lose your interest for this blog.
You can also comment below for any suggestions or ideas.