Thursday, April 24, 2014

New MDU Result Site

Server busy. This used to be our answer when the result was declared. A lot of visitors strike at a lightening fast speed and due to that server used to crash down and no one was able to see their results. So to overcome this problem, MDU came with a solution. It started a new site on which students may check their results and left the old site with older results Now, the pros of this is that is some students are searching their old results then they will use the older site and new results can be found on the new site by MDU.

If you have to see your older result i.e. before 1st may, you may check your result on the older site i.e or

If you have to check your result declared after 1st may then you may go directly to the new siteof MDU i.e

This is a good move by the authorities to improve the problem of heavy traffic on a single site.

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