Saturday, March 15, 2014


Engineer. People used to feel proud while saying this word. But the time is changed and along with it the value for this degree also. used to be a passion or prestige in earlier times while nowadays it is a kind of minimum eligibility. For a student, after getting admission in a good college or a college of his choice, the tension is not over. As the time passes and the semesters end, his tension increases day by day. The No. 1 ranking in this tension race is the issue of "Placements".
Engineers are so full in the market that no company is hiring freshers of B.Tech. What to do in such competition world. Tension is the first thing that comes in mind while thinking about placements.
I wish our college would have some sources or atleast brought some good handful of companies for our campus placement or it will be a torture to many student who won't get jobs even after completing their B.Tech and spending so much money in their degree.

If you have any Placement guidance or contacts to companies regarding placements, do comment below or inbox the author of this article through the "contact us" page.

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